Our Cigars

About Calá Cigars

Our Passion

is to produce a beautifully crafted cigar with premium quality fillers, rolled to perfection with a very economical price.

Our Flavor

The Calá cigar has a distinctive flavor of blends featuring a nutty cinnamon with a hint of sweetness, peppery notes, natural tobacco, & a bit of citrus.

Founder & Owner Jose Calá

was born in the city of La Vega, in El Cibao, Dominican Republic. Calá’s parents retired to the heart of the tobacco growing and manufacturing industry, a place called Santiago de los Caballero. Calá’s parents, who own 20 acres of land in Tamboril, used to farm high-quality tobacco throughout the years.

This Is Where

Calá’s passion for the art of tobacco growing, fermenting, and blending began to grow. During a visit to his native country, Calá decided to join forces with his uncle Luis Rosario and embark on his cigar journey. Rosario, a legendary master cigar blender, and Calá decided to start a family owned cigar company and brand. This was the birth of Calá Cigars.

A Cigar Aficionado

and cigar smoker himself, Calá understood what people were truly looking for in a well-constructed, quality, and consistent cigar. The attributes he is most passionate about is raw material quality, consistency in the blend, skillful rolling, excellent draw, beautiful aroma and let’s not forget the flavor.