Cala Story


Calá Cigars founder and owner Jose Calá was born in the city of La Vega, in El Cibao, Dominican Republic.

Calá’s parents retired to the heart of the tobacco growing and manufacturing industry, a place called Santiago de los Caballero. Calá’s parents, who own 20 acres of land in Tamboril, used to farm high-quality tobacco throughout the years.
This is where Calá’s passion for the art of tobacco growing, fermenting, and blending began to grow. During a visit, his beloved family in his native country, Calá, decided to join forces with his uncle Luis Rosario and embark on his cigar journey. Rosario, a legendary master cigar blender, and Calá decided to start a family owned cigar company and brand. This was the birth of Calá Cigars.
Calá, a cigar aficionado and cigar smoker himself, understood what people were truly looking for in a well-constructed, quality, and consistent cigar. The attributes he is most passionate about is raw material quality, consistency in the blend, skillful rolling, excellent draw, beautiful aroma and let’s not forget the flavor.
By combining the experience of Calá’s father, his uncle and Calá himself in the tobacco industry; they have created a medium body blend that is truly a gentleman’s cigar.
For the Calá Family, creating cigar blends is like making a great wine which appeals to all kinds of taste palettes. Calá selects only the best premium fillers for superb taste and medium body strength. They hand select the finest wrappers produced in one of the best places in the world - Santiago, in the Dominican Republic.
After reading our history and the birth of Calá cigars, we hope you enjoy a well- blended cigar at a competitive price.


The name Calá in the Greek language means beauty. For us, beauty in a cigar must have all the attributes along with perfect lines and Dominican Habano Rosado wrapper to complete it. The Calá cigar truly has a fantastic eye appeal. Is a 100% Dominican hand-rolled cigar made in Tamboril Santiago de Los caballeros, Dominican Republic.
The Calá cigar is rolled to perfection for an excellent draw. It features a triple cap which is put on with a natural ingredient with a hint of sweetness. This process allows the smoker to enjoy the hint of sweet on the lips without compromising the aroma and flavor of the cigar.
The Calá Habano has straightforward and clean notes of the natural tobacco with a hint of peppery note to excite the palate. As the flavor profile takes form, the natural tobacco notes become primary. The flavor stays constant throughout the whole smoke of the cigar’s sweet aroma.
Our goal at Calá cigar is to produce a consistent flavor tasting with a full strength aroma.

Blend Profile

  • Wrapper Dominican Habano
  • Binder Dominican
  • Filler Dominican

Available Sizes

  • 5 x 50 Robusto
  • 6 x 50 Double Corona
  • 6 x 52 Torpedo


Luis Rosario was born on November 1, 1951. He is known for being one of best master blenders in Santiago, Dominican Republic. With over 50 years of experience, Rosario started working in the tobacco industry at the early age of fifteen. Being a curious young man, he embarked on a journey that today rewards him for cross-functional knowledge of the tobacco industry.
His love for cigar making process started with curing and turning the soil, growing, harvesting, critical measurements through the process of fermentation and then bringing all that process together developing blends to deliver a well-blended, balanced and masterful cigar into the hands of his customers.
In the 1970’s, Rosario was mentored by one of Cuba’s best master cigar manufacturers, Efrain Gonzalez owner of Dos Gonzalez Cigars in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he started working side by side with Eladio Diaz; that today is one of the key member of a very successful brand.
Luis Rosario and his children have openly shared their passion, knowledge and experience with tobacco owners. He is proud of the accomplishments his children have achieved by following in his footsteps, but still adding their passion to the ever-growing industry. His son Ariel is a highly skilled master blender for one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Luis Rosario has worked for well-knownTabacaleras such as La Flor Dominicana and Cortez to name a few. During his tenure, he has created famous cigar blends that are still recognizable and profitable today.

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Our passion is to produce a beautifully crafted cigar with premium quality fillers. Our premium cigars are rolled to perfection and our fillers are aged between 2-3 years. The binder and wrapper are aged no less than a year. Our premium cigars are classified as one of the best among well-known brands with a very economical priCe for less then what you would pay for top branded premium cigars.


The Cala cigar has a distinctive flavor of lends from a nutty sweet cinnamon to a full richness of taste for the individual pallet.


The Cala cigar has an excellent draw with a lot of smoke for maximum flavor of a mild blended cigar with a strong retro-hale that has an evenly burn throughout the cigar itself.